Cape Town to Inhambane on the BMW G 310 GS

This could be one of the most extraordinary trips to take place now and in the world with the newborn “BMW G 310 GS”! In the “light” of the older sister who has already done several laps to Earth, this “little GS” wants to prove that the bikes also “do not measure up to the spans!”

From Portugal I have the “blessing” of Francisco, who does not have a Vatican but has the “MT MOTOR”! In South Africa take note: Paul, Petreaux and Candi from “GS AFRICA” are the most sought after by all who want to venture on two wheels in the Continent of all dreams.

“Cape Town” is a unique and non-transferable setting. You have to touch her to absorb her. I´ve been here with “mine” not long ago. This time I have time just for a brief “hello”. Even because this time the “Cape Town” did not come in the script. I landed yesterday in Johannesburg and that was where my traveling companion should be. But the “Little GS” had no transportation and basically had 3 alternatives:
– Wait 3 days for her to arrive
– Give up the motorcycle trip
– Pick up a plane and go get it at 1400Kms of distance

What did you do ?! That´s what I did!

And so began today the trip, from “Cape Town” to Inhambane, 2400Kms … Wow! In Africa! Kiss me … here are some moments when I stopped, I took the camera and shot. It always takes some courage to break the rhythm. Today especially and unexpected to me, the cold was the worst enemy. And tomorrow will continue to be … well disguised by a blessed blue sky!

Your attention now to the most extraordinary moment of the day !!!

Somewhere on the road I meet a European. Italian. On two wheels. Without motor. Coming from Tanzania! What moment! Right now while I´m having dinner, I exchange some messages with Alessandro “Seeking Ale” to find out where he is. This photo was the one who took it…

That´s life on the road. Today I made just over 430kms. I´m in Beaufort West. Tomorrow I´m going anywhere near Johannesburg which is more than 930Kms.

Because the real “Stars” of this trip are very far … a few days away … are the “Musicians of Inhambane” in Mozambique … this is the project that sets me on the road, and it´s for there we go … me and the “Little GS”!