Bike Tracking

Bike Tracking

realtime GPS tracking with Startrac

GS Africa Rentals & Tours – Now offering Startrac realtime GPS tracking to fleets as well as individual bike owners, with the knowledge that we have your back. Once installed each owner gets web based access, allowing both casual riders or fleet owners the ability to login and run reports on trips, speed and locations. Allowing total control of the bikes movements online in real time.

Rider Down – Using Star Trac’s accident protection technology, the Star Trac Bike Unit will alert us instantly should the rider go down.This allows us to contact emergency people on the ride. contact list. This will allow us to get medical attention to the rider as soon as possible. Download the brochure here…

• 24/7 recovery country wide
• Tow alert should the bike be moved
• Rider down notification
• Low power consumption
• Battery tamper alarm
• Trip and history reports
• Geo zones
• Web and mobile phone access
• Trip history
• Speed alerts

Make a Booking with GS Africa and enjoy a fun-filled and safe BMW Motorbike Rentals & Tours to all areas of beautiful South Africa.