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How to Rent a Motorcycle in the Most Beautiful City in the World with GS Africa

It’s that time of the year again, a time all about sunshine and blue skies. Yes, summer in South Africa provides one with a true African experience, with its dynamic and diverse cultures, breath-taking scenery, and wildlife like no other. And although South Africa and beyond makes for pleasant and exciting adventure motorcycling all year round – with some of the best subtropical weather in the Southern Hemisphere and with over 2500 kilometres of the best beaches in the world to ride and explore, summer in South Africa is a brilliant time to be spent riding the coastline and open roads, chasing waterfalls, tasting award-winning wines, braaing, and photographing unbelievable sunsets and wildlife.

If you’re looking to rent a motorcycle this summer and ride through South Africa to Namibia, Malawi, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe or Mozambique, don’t think about it, just do it. As one of the leading motorcycle rental agencies in the Southern Hemisphere, affiliated with Eagle Rider in the USA, at GS Africa, we take care of your entire motorcycle tour adventure, so you don’t have to. What this means is that we collect riders from the airport, we plan their entire route, and we make sure they are booked into the best hotels or B&B’s along the way.

So how does one go about renting a BMW motorcycle in the sunny city of Cape Town and driving through one of the world’s most beautiful countries? Whether for yourself, a friend or a family member, the first step to an African dream adventure ride would to be over 21, provide us with a full valid national or international unendorsed Motorcycle Riders License, and a Passport or Identification Document.

Secondly, riders would have to download our daily rental rate sheet and book the number of days to rent the bike, the type of bike they would like to rent, their riding gear, and the GPS system and accessories they would like. What about insurance? On our daily rental sheet, which can be found under our frequently asked questions, you will find that our daily rental fee includes standard comprehensive insurance cover of the motorcycle with an Insurance Excess Deposit payable for each model.

To understand our insurance coverage a little better, we suggest that riders familiarize themselves with our insurance options, which can also be found under our frequently asked questions. However, it’s important to understand that once riders are off on their journey, it will be up to them to make sure that the bike is not damaged in their possession. Keeping in mind that incidents do occur – whether scratched or dented – the damaged parts will be replaced at the prevailing BMW Motorrad dealer at retail cost, including labour. A quotation will be obtained and repairs will be carried out at the cost of the rider.

What about mechanical faults and breakdowns? Unfortunately, this can happen – even BMW’s experience mechanical faults. If this should occur, riders need to ensure that they are at a fuel station if possible. They will need to call GS Africa on +27 (0) 82 904 8228 or +27 (0) 71 515 3808 and we will immediately contact the nearest BMW 24 hour On-Call Roadside Assistance service (available in South Africa only). In the event of us locating an alternative service provider (in close enough proximity), we will assist as soon as possible.

At GS Africa, we care about everything from giving you a choice of exciting rental motorbikes to guiding you through every mile, smile, and mountain road and coastline in South Africa and beyond. To learn more, visit our website and look under our Q’s and A’s, you will find everything you need to know. Or, contact Paul or Candi-Lee at GS Africa.