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Asian & European Tours

Asian & European Tours organised by GS Africa & Partners

Road of Bones

The Road of Bones: London to Magadan

London through to Magadan, Russia:
Experience one of the world’s most scenic and historical motorcycle journeys

This evocative journey covers a quarter of the earth’s surface as we ride from the bustling, vibrant city of London to one of the most remote towns on earth, Magadan.

Blazing deserts, inland seas, mighty mountains, stunning Islamic architecture and a vastness nobody thought could still exist in today’s world greet us as we ride these ancient trade routes. Our last challenge is the infamous “Road of Bones” officially, the Kolyma Highway, this incredible ride travels over a thousand kilometres through the mountains to Magadan, on the Sea of Okhotsk.

Duration: 105 Days / 106 Nights
Departs: May

  • Road of Bones

Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Explore Southern Europe and Northern Africa

Spain, Portugal and Morocco: Explore Southern Europe and Northern Africa, a ride from the hills of Lisbon to the sands of the Sahara

Join us on a ride that explores Southern Europe and Northern Africa, a ride from the hills of Lisbon to the sands of the Sahara, from twisting mountain roads to labyrinth medinas and ancient Kasbahs.

Where else can you have breakfast in Morocco, lunch in Gibraltar and dinner in Spain, all in one day, other than our classic all paved Spain, Portugal, Morocco & the “Rock of Gibraltar” trip?

Duration: 20 Days / 21 Nights
Departs: September

  • Spain Portugal Morocco

Asian Overland

Singapore to Beijing, China

Singapore to Beijing, China: An extraordinary, unique and challenging motorcycle journey offering some of the finest landscapes on earth.

This incredible 90-day journey through an impossible diversity of cultures and landscapes the Asian Overland is sure to become one of our most epic rides.

Iconic national parks, lush landscapes, recently opened countries, rare wildlife, magnificent jungles, blissful beaches, ancient temples, towering mountains and world-renowned antiquities all feature in this epic ride the beaches of Singapore to the rooftop of the world

Duration: 89 Days / 90 Nights
Departs: February

  • Asian Overland
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