Guided Motorcycle Tours

Guided Scheduled Motorcycle Tour FAQs

Do I need a motorcycle riders licenses to take part in a guided tour?

It is not necessary to hold a motorcycle license if you plan to take part as a pillion on the back of a motorcycle or if you wish to be a passenger in the support with the crew. Only if you are a rider of a motorcycle will you need a full valid motorcycle license.

Does GS Africa provide airport and hotel transfers at the beginning and of my tour?

GS Africa offers complimentary transfers at the start and end of the tour, to and from the hotel (booked by GS Africa) as part of your itinerary to the bike collection point. Airport transfer can be arranged upon request.

I own a motorcycle, can I ride my bike on a guided tour?

Yes, you are more than welcome to join the tour, riding your motorcycle. Please enquire on the cost of accommodation and activities on the trip.

Do I have to stay with the group at all times whilst on tour?

GS Africa respects the individuality of each rider’s dream tour and expectations, therefore, we encourage you to explore Mama Africa. While some riders prefer riding with the group, no need to worry about safety if you wish to ride solo and set your own pace, our bikes are fitted with satellite recovery tracking devices, installed onboard (upon sighing up for the tour you will have access to the mobile app for your use) and please give the Tour Leader a heads up so that you are aware of the final meeting place at the end of the day.  GPS Plotted routes are available which are also discussed at the previous nights briefing.

Can I swap bikes with another person in my group?

Should you wish to swap bikes with another rider, you will be required to countersign each other’s rental agreement before the tour for insurance purposes. If you happen to damage the other person’s motorcycle, it will be your responsibility to cover the damage occurred.

What kind of rider gear should I bring?

As responsible motorcyclists, we highly recommend, ATGATT (all-the-gear, all-the-time) for your safety and those in the group. Protective rider gear items are available for rental (reputable suppliers, popular brands as well original BMW rider gear) Your safety is of our utmost concern. We do make suggestions on the rider gear suitable for the riding season of the tour.

How old do I have to be to go on a tour?

The minimum age to participate as a rider on a tour is 21 years old. There is no age restriction for a passenger in the backup vehicle however we recommend prior experience riding two up.

Will I receive some kind of information about my tour before I arrive?

You will receive a detailed itinerary via email before the tour sharing the adventure that awaits.

Do I need a visa for South Africa?

There are visa exemptions for individuals from certain countries. For e.g visitors from the USA, UK & Germany have a 90-day visa exemption period. Please see our page on Visa’s & South Africa or alternatively please check with your travel agent.

Can I go in the support van if I get tired?

Your safety and well-being whilst on the tour is our priority and therefore should you feel tired or under the weather, space permitting you are welcome to rest up, circumstances allowing.

What is the weather going to be like?

Everything that you would like to know about South African weather can be found on our page South African Weather.

What happens if I lost my rental motorcycle key?

In the unfortunate situation that this happens, there will have to be a replacement cost. The cost for replacement of the key varies per motorcycle.

Do I need to bring rain gear?

This is generally recommended, as it is always best to bring your rider gear from home that you feel most comfortable with however should you forget this at home, not to worry, we have rain gear available at our main GS Africa head office in Cape Town.

Do the prices vary by bike model?

The tour price is based on the motorcycle of your choice. The base model which is the entry-level bike models in our range, the more powerful and comfortable the bike model, the rate increases accordingly. View our motorcycles for hire here.

Will there be enough photo stops on a guided tour?

Yes, as we know the scenic spots extremely well (being locals), we will rendezvous at the most popular attractions and highlights en route, which makes photo opportunities plentiful.  If you have any special requests, please let your tour guide know in advance, if possible or ensure clear communication between yourself and other parties of the tour group. We aim to run a very laid-back, relaxed group atmosphere, and all riders are also encouraged to take some time on the tour to venture out on their own for a few hours. We’ll be sure to set a meeting place or ensure that you have detailed route to the hotel for the night if you want to hit the road solo or in a small group part of the day.

Can I check my email while on tour?

This may depend on various factors outside of our control. Generally yes and where your hotel or accommodation offers free Wi-Fi for guests. While travelling there will be cases where we will be out of range momentarily.

Do I get the bike I choose if I book early enough?

While it is extremely rare for a GS Africa Motorcycle Tour participant not to receive their preferred bike model, we do ask all riders to provide us with their “Next Best Thing” as a backup. Your “Next Best Thing” should be the make and model bike that you know you would be just as comfortable riding, and the one that you know would still be part of incredible riding experience. GS Africa knows how important bike choice is to our riders, and we will always do everything we can to ensure that you have your dream bike for your dream ride.

How much luggage can I bring?

It is important to us that each rider has enough gear and clothing to be comfortable for the entire length of the tour, so we allow one large suitcase and one carry-on size bag for each rider and passenger. Don’t worry ladies, we are very flexible on this policy in case you decide to do a bit of shopping along the way, r if you need to bring a few extra items to look great around the pool or on the town at night.

What kind of insurance do you recommend?

We recommend that you take personal medical cover out when joining a tour.

Do you require certain experience to participate in a guided tour?

We would never turn anybody down because he or she does not have a certain amount of experience. But for your safety and level of comfort, we recommend that you do have at least enough experience that riding a motorcycle through a curve does not make you nervous or apprehensive. You should be comfortable riding a touring motorcycle on a highway, as well as through mountain passes. Some riders take advantage of our special Pre-Tour Rental Package for tour participants so they can arrive a day or two early to get comfortable on the bike and see the city at the same time.

What bike is best suited if I have a pillion accompanying me?

Each rider will have determining factors which include riders skill/experience and what model they feel most confident with. Our recommendation is, the more powerful the motorbike, the more equipped (luxurious) it is for a pillion.

Do I have to pay a deposit to make a reservation?

Once we have submitted your tour invoice, kindly acknowledge the invoice with your signature and return to GS Africa. A 33,3% deposit of the full tour amount is due and payable upon receipt in order to book and reserve your slot on the tour. 60 days before the first tour date the remaining balance is due to confirm and finalise the booking.

What Insurance Options are available for my motorcycle?

The daily tour rental fee includes standard comprehensive insurance cover of the motorcycle with an Insurance Excess Deposit payable for each model. Luggage and GPS units, as well as all other accessories hired, will attract an additional deposit and is not covered as part of the above insurance cover. Insurance Deposit values will be shown on your tour invoice and our price list. Explanation of our Insurance deposit – if the bike is lost, stolen or written off, the Insurance Excess Deposit will cover the replacement of the bike, or if the damage to the bike (due to an accident) is in excess of (the amount is more than) the Insurance Excess Deposit.

The Insurance Excess Deposit is the maximum amount the Insurance company claims to the limit of the extent of the damage. Any repairs or damage to the bike which is less than the Insurance Excess Deposit is the riders responsibility, due and payable by the rider. Any damage to the bikes which is LESS THAN the Insurance Deposit Amount (different Insurance amounts for different bike models), will be for the riders account. Any damage to the bike which is ABOVE their Insurance  Deposit amount is for the Insurer to pay.  Unfortunately, this is the only option available in South Africa and no “top-up” cover is available.

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