Health & Medical Emergencies

Health & Medical Emergencies – What to Do & Who to Call

When travelling to foreign countries its a always a safe bet to ensure you have all the information you need in a health or medical emergency. In this Motorcycle Travel Guide we have provided a thorough and useful list of all the numbers for hospitals, emergency services no matter where you are in South Africa.

Hospitals & Emergency Services in South Africa – What You Need to Know

In South Africa we have government and private hospitals. The private hospitals are recommended for a good medical experience and you should make sure to take out medical travel insurance in case you need medical help during your tour/visit.

Emergency Services – South Africa has very good emergency services, but you will need medical aid coverage to make use of these services, as they are not free.

In an emergency call, the dispatcher will guide you and ask you questions in order to send you the correct help and get your precise location to the emergency services.

What Info Should I Have When Making an Emergency Call in South Africa?

When making a call to a Hospital or Emergency Service be mindful to have the following information ready as it could safe your life or the life of your friend or partner.

  • The telephone number you are calling from.
  • Your name or the contact person on the scene.
  • The location of the scene and the closest landmark, crossroad or street.
  • The nature of the incident.
  • What kind of help you need e.g. an ambulance, fire department, traffic department etc.
  • What you have done for the patient so far.

Good Rules to follow when contacting Emergency Services

  • Wait for the caller to ask you questions.
  • Only put the phone down once you have been instructed to do so by the call taker.
  • Make sure the line is clear in case the emergency services (EMS) need to call you back.
  • Send someone out into the road to meet with the EMS crew and direct them.

Public Emergency Communication Numbers – Who do I Call?

  • Nationwide Emergency Response: 10111
  • ER24 Private Ambulance Service: 084 124
  • Netcare 911 Private Ambulance Service: 082 911
  • Provincial Ambulance Metro: 10177
  • Cell phone Service – When you only have a cell or mobile phone: 112

Cape Town City Emergency Information

The Public Emergency Communication Centre serves as a single point of entry to all City of Cape Town safety and security services. By simply dialling 107 from a Telkom landline, or 021 480 7700 from a cell/Neotel phone, all residents and visitors to the city will have access to emergency services and be able to report all life and/or property threatening emergencies.

  • Emergency Call Centre: 107
  • Fire Department: 021 480 7700
  • Poison Centre: 021 931 6129
  • Cape Town Emergency Numbers: Click here for detailed info.

Johannesburg City Emergency Information

  • 011 37 55 911 – A 24-hour emergency services relating to all-life threatening situations, including ambulances, fire engines and metro police.
  • Johannesburg Emergency Numbers: Click here for detailed info.

Durban City Emergency Information

Port Elizabeth City Emergency Information

Medical Insurance & Medical Aid Information

Taking out medical insurance on top of your credit card insurance is advised. Make sure that your medical insurance includes motorcycle riding and that you are covered for evacuation and rescue cover. When doing this, make sure that your insurer gives you a policy number and phone number in case of an emergency.

South African medical care has a vast range of services available in the public and private sector. We would like you to have a positive experience in the event that you might need medical care and therefore we would advise you to make use of private services/facilities rather than public services.

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