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Motorcycle Tours Travel Guide

Travelling, exploring and taking the road less traveled is food for the soul, but when you’re in a new country it’s best to have all the information you need in case of emergencies and everything else that’s good to know. That’s why we’ve created GS Africa’s Motorcycle Tours Travel Guide to guide and assist you in your travel planning and ultimately make your motorcycle touring in South Africa as much of a stress free experience as possible. This Travel Guide’s purpose is to free up your time and energy so that you can take in all the beautiful moments, sights, sounds and tastes that every province has to offer. From the majestic mountains in Cape Town, to the City of Gold Johannesburg, the sunshine coast of Port Elizabeth and the world famous surf spots in Durban we have it all here and are lucky to call this captivating country our home. Come join us in Mzansi and let it steal your heart. GS Africa’s Motorcycle Tours Travel Guide is as the saying goes, “Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

Calling and Communications – Who, What and How to Call To and From SA

Staying in touch while traveling freaking you out? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

  • How to Phone Out of South Africa
  • How to Phone Into South Africa
  • How to Phone Within South Africa
  • How to Use the Country’s Phone Directories

Get all the info you need to to communicate and make calls into and out of South Africa.

Money & Currency – Everything You Need to Know about Money in SA

Find out everything you absolutely must know about how the Rand works and how you can transact, while touring in South Africa.

  • Currency Denominations (Rands and Cents)
  • The Rand’s Value and the Exchange Rate
  • Banking
  • Card Transactions
  • Useful Contact Information
  • VAT (Value Added Tax)

Find out more about what you need to know about money in South Africa while managing access to your money safely and securely.

Driving in SA – What You Need to Know

Here, you can find advice and more information on laws, regarding driving in South Africa.

  • The Condition of Our Roads
  • Maps and Road Info
  • Things to Look Out For While Driving
  • How Driving in SA Works
  • Laws to Remember
  • Speed Limit
  • Driver’s Licences
  • Where and How to Fill Up
  • Drinking and Driving (Arrive Alive)

Find out everything you need to know about driving in South Africa here.

Flights – Where to Book & Who to Fly

Look at information regarding travelling and flights to South Africa, as well as flights within South Africa.

  • Flying To SA
  • Flying Within SA

Find out everything you need to know about flying into, out of and within South Africa here.

Health & Medical Emergencies – What to Do & Who to Call

Here, you can find out more about the emergency services that are available, who to contact and what to do in case of an emergency.

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Services
  • Medical Insurance/Medical Aid

Find more information about everything you need to know for Health and Medical Emergencies in South Africa.

South African Weather – What You Need to Know

Make the most out of your motorbike tours and find out when is the best time of year to plan your motorcycle road trip.

  • When are the summer months in South Africa?
  • When are the winter months in South Africa?
  • When is it Spring in South Africa?
  • When is it Autumn/Fall in South Africa?

Find all the info you need for our South African weather so that you can plan your travels effectively.

Visas & South Africa – Do I Need a Visa to Visit South Africa?

Always check your Visa requirements before planning any trip.

  • Which countries have 90 days Visa Exemption to visit South Africa?
  • Which countries have 30 days Visa Exemption to visit South Africa?
  • VISA Required – When You Must Get a Visa
  • Visa types – What Types of Visa’s are Issued by South Africa
  • Temporary residence visas issued by South Africa
  • Overstay consequences – What will happen if I overstay my Visa Period?
  • Useful Visa Sources & Contacts

Find out more about the visa requirements to travel to and in South Africa and which countries are visa exempt.

Find BMW Motorrad Service Centres in SA

Secure peace of mind by knowing who to call and where to go in the unlikely event that your motorbike is having technical difficulties. We have provided the contact details of each major BMW service centre in each province as below.

  • BMW Motorrad in Cape Town
  • BMW Motorrad in Johannesburg
  • BMW Motorrad in Durban
  • BMW Motorrad in Port Elizabeth

For this and more info click here to find a BMW Motorrad Service Centre in South Africa.

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