Self Guided Motorcycle Tours

Self Guided Motorcycle Tour FAQs

Is there a tour deposit, if so, how does it work?

Once we have submitted your rental invoice, kindly acknowledge invoice with your signature and return to GS Africa as well as completed Terms of Business. A 33,3% deposit of the full rental amount is due and payable upon receipt in order to book and confirm the rental (pencilling in your booking). 60 days prior to the first rental date the remaining balance is due in order to confirm and finalise the booking, turning pencil to ink.

Will I receive my first choice bike, is it guaranteed?

Where possible we always strive to give all our customers their preferred choice of motorcycle for their tours but we can’t guarantee it as their will always be factors outside of our control due to demand, season and amount of people booked on tours. View all our motorcycles for rent or view our BMW, Harley-Davidsons or Yamaha bikes.

What options are provided for self-driving route guidance?

We offer the full turnkey package which includes the motorcycle rental, luggage units, GPS, preplanned routes, activity bookings and +- 4 star graded accommodation at longstanding, reputable establishments throughout South Africa and bordering countries. We will also happily arrange a tour guide and back up vehicle if need be.

Is there insurance included with the bike?

The daily rental fee includes standard comprehensive insurance cover of the motorcycle with an Insurance Excess Deposit payable for each model. Luggage and GPS units, as well as all other accessories hired, will attract an additional deposit and is not covered as part of the above insurance cover. Insurance Deposit values will be shown on your invoice and our price list. Explanation of our Insurance deposit: If the bike is lost, stolen or written off, the Insurance Excess Deposit will cover the replacement of the bike, or if the damage to the bike (due to an accident) is in excess of (amount is more than) the Insurance Excess Deposit.

The Insurance Excess Deposit is the maximum amount the Insurance company claims to the limit of the extent of the damage. Please see the below:

  • Any repairs or damage to the bike which is less than the Insurance Excess Deposit is the riders responsibility, due and payable by the rider.
  • Any damage to the bikes which is LESS THAN the Insurance Deposit Amount (different Insurance amounts for different bike models), will be for the riders account.
  • Any damage to the bike which is ABOVE their Insurance  Deposit amount, is for the Insurer to pay.

What happens if the weather is too severe to ride?

Weather conditions are not guaranteed for our Self Guided Tours. GS Africa can’t be held responsible in the unfortunate situation for any unpleasant and unsuitable weather conditions.

When do I have to pay for the Self-Drive Guided Tour?

Once we have submitted your rental invoice, kindly acknowledge invoice with your signature and return to GS Africa as well as completed Terms of Business. A 33,3% deposit of the full rental amount is due and payable upon receipt in order to book and confirm the rental (penciling in your booking). 60 days prior to the first rental date the remaining balance is due in order to confirm and finalise the booking, turning pencil to ink.

What happens if I need to cancel my tour?

In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel your motorcycle tour, a full refund is possible but not guaranteed as it is based on a few factors. As an industry-standard its typical that we may be able to refund the full amount if we have received cancellation request more than 30 days in advance. If the cancellation is made within a 30-day time-frame or less than 30 days a full refund may not be possible.

What happens if I lost my rental motorcycle key?

In the unfortunate situation that this happens, there will have to be a replacement cost. The actual cost varies per motorcycle.

What happens if there is a bike breakdown?

Unfortunately, this can happen – even BMW’s experience mechanical faults. First and foremost, ensure that you are safely off the road surface – preferably undercover, a fuel station/homestead if possible. Call GS Africa on +27 (0) 82 904 8228 or +27 (0) 71 515 3808 and we will immediately contact the BMW 24 hour On-Call Roadside Assistance service (available in South Africa only) – in the event of us locating an alternative service provider (in close enough proximity), we will endeavour to assist as soon as humanly possible. We provide a complementary easy-to-use Puncture Repair Kit with each rental, full instructions is available from our Mobile Application download. Click here to find a BMW Motorrad Motorcycle Service Centre in your area.

Where can I store my luggage while on tour?

We are happy for you to store your luggage in our office storage for round-trip tours. For one way tours, we can arrange for your luggage to be couriered to your return destination at an additional fee. Please enquire about this.

What is the difference between a Self Guided and Guided Scheduled Tours?

The main difference is the support structure. Self-Drive Guided Tours appeal more to smaller/individual groups, are more flexible in terms of route and times and generally give a greater sense of independence, freedom and overall achievement. Guided Motorcycle Tours on the other hand although more rigid are better structured and have larger ride groups (usually 10-15 motorcycles, 20-25 people) have set departure times, set along a route itinerary, is led by a Tour Guide and also travel with a support vehicle for safety and luggage.

What is the difference between a Self Drive Tour and bike only rental?

With a Self Guided Tour your bike, hotels, and route suggestions will be arranged by GS Africa. As its name implies, with the bike only rental only the bike will be arranged by GS Africa and you will be responsible for arranging hotels and routes on your own.

What are the requirements to participate in a Self-Drive Guided tour?

To participate in our Self Drive Tours, you must meet the following requirements. Driver must be 21 years of age or older; have a valid, unrestricted motorcycle license and must process a valid credit card.

If I have a restricted motorcycle license can I still ride on a tour?

Unfortunately, to ride on a Self Guided Tour you must have a valid and unrestricted motorcycle license.

What kind of hotels are included in the tour and can we have a hotel list?

Once we receive your thumbs up we will forward your Accommodation Invoice (cost inclusive of everything). we conclude with payment to the different establishments with your authorised credit card OR you can EFT (electronically transfer) the Total amount into our account in order to secure all your accommodation.

Can we book pre and post tour nights?

Yes, we can easily add extra days to the beginning or end of your tour.

Can we change the hotels/itinerary once the tour is booked as well as while I’m on tour?

PLEASE NOTE that cancellations made prior to 1 calendar month  of arrival will be subjected to a non-refundable 80% cancellation fee on accommodation.  If reservations are not cancelled within 2 weeks (14 days)  prior to arrival, a non-refundable cancellation fee will be charged.
* GS Africa BOOKING FEE:-     Bookings and reservation confirmation service by GS Africa on behalf of the client is available at a 15% booking fee based on the accommodation cost.

Are there set departure dates for Self-Drive Guided Tours?

Our Self Guided Tours do not have any set departure dates and you are welcome to start your tour any day of the week, our locations are open for business.

Can we customize an existing tour or create a completely custom tour?

Yes, one of the perks of a Self Guided Tours, is that you have the freedom to plan and map out a tour to suit your needs, time and budget.

Do you provide airfare?

Unfortunately no, airfare is not provided.

Is breakfast included?

Typically breakfasts are not included with our Self-Drive Guided Tours but many hotels or accommodations will provide a breakfast into their service.

How do refunds of security deposit work?

Rental Period of 1 > 6 days:
This amount is a Pre-Authorisation, therefore, it is merely a hold on your card and not a sale. However, this amount of funds has to be available on your card for the amount to be successfully transacted.  This (same)  full amount is released back onto your card after 7 – 10 working days when you return the motorcycle(s) in the same condition as before the rental. Rental Period of 7 days or more:

This amount will be transacted on your card as an ‘actual sale’ reason for this being is that banks can only hold a pre-authorisation for a maximum of 7 days before it is released back on the card, therefore, the transaction is processed as a sale. The (same) amount will be refunded onto your card once the motorcycle(s) is returned (in the same condition as before the rental).

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