Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

GS Africa Terms and Conditions

Click here to download the GS Africa Rental Agreement.

1. The first 300 km per full day rental are included in the above whilst kilometers over and above said 300 km will be charged at R2.25 per km thereafter.

2. Helmets and other motor cycle gear is available as required. In the event any such items are lost or damaged, they will be charged to the Client at full retail prices.

3. All rental bikes may be collected subject to the following:

a. Daily Rental : A daily rental is defined as collection at 8h30 and return by 17h00 .

b. Only if a bike is not booked for another client can we allow earlier

collection and later returns. In such an event, extra hourly charges as below will apply.

c. If a Client wishes to collect a bike the day before, provided the bike is available, he can do so at latest 18h00 the day before but then incurs an automatic extra R200 charge.

d. If a Client only returns the bike on the day after the actual rental day, such return must be by 8h00 the following day but he then incurs an automatic extra R200 rental charge.

4. Collections and returns must be made by the Clients at the premises of Gs Africa Rentals (unless otherwise arranged) but Clients (or bikes) can be collected and dropped off anywhere in the Peninsula at a charge of R6.00 per km reckoned from and to GS Africa Rentals. (For breakdown / recovery collections etc. the same rate applies – see rental agreement for details.)

5. Where Clients leave their own vehicle at the premises of GS Africa whilst going out on rentals, they do so at their own risk.

6. Rental Example : You collect a BMW 1200 GS at 18h00 before the day you have rented it, you pay firstly, R 200.00 (early collection) and you return the bike at 7h30 the day after the rental with 400 km travelled. You pay another R200 and 100 km at an extra R2.25 per km i.e. R225. Total Rental amounts to: Early Collection R 200 + 1 day rental R1370.00 + Next Day Delivery R200 + 100 km extra kms @ R225 = R1,995.00

7. Please note that ALL rentals carry a sliding scale insurance excess i.e. in the event of any damages or accident, the Client is liable for the first excess amount and by entering into a rental agreement he warrants that he agrees to such excess as well as agreeing to GS Africa Rentals debiting his credit card with any other latent costs such as traffic fines etc. with an indefinite time period.

8. Rentals are supplied to the Client with a full tank of petrol and Clients are obliged to refill tanks at their own cost during the duration of any rental as well as upon return to GS Africa Rentals

9. All rentals are subject to our rental agreement and all condition contained therein. Such rental agreement must be completed in full by all parties concerned before any rental bike leaves the premises regardless of how long or short a rental is and unless the Client can and is willing to comply with ALL conditions contained therein, no rental may take place.

10. In the event of any disputes regarding rentals etc. GS Africa’s decision is deemed to be final and binding on all parties and management reserves the right to refuse rentals to persons deemed to be unsuitable or unqualified to operate a rental motorcycle.

11. Clients renting bikes must be over the age of 22 and must be in possession of a valid unendorsed big bike license, which they must have held for at least 1 years. (ONLY SA, EU, USA & UK licenses are acceptable for insurance purposes)

12. We draw your attention to the fact that the operation of a motorcycle is inherently dangerous and Clients rent motorcycles ENTIRELY at their own risk ! GS Africa Rentals, its employees, agents, managers and owners do not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss, damage or injury regardless of howsoever incurred. Prices include full comprehensive cover and BMW Roadside Assistance (or equivalent)


GS Africa has various trailers made specifically for BMW GS’s and are available for hire at the following rate :

1. Single Axle Trailer for one or two bikes : R255.00 per day, or part thereof

2. Trailer rentals are governed by the same terms and conditions (where applicable) as contained in our bike rental agreement.

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