Frequently Asked Questions – After Your Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

After Your rental

Are there any additional fees applicable after completion of a rental?

Tyres – A full set of replacement tyres is due for any single rental exceeding 4,000 kilometres (non-standard tyres)
Exceeding of the daily free kilometre allocation for the entire rental period
Bike refuelling fee if not returned fully fuelled
Additional damages whilst in riders care
Collection or delivery of motorcycle
Extended rental periods

When is an accident administration fee levied?

Your Insurance Excess Deposit only contributes towards the repair costs in the repairing of the motorcycle if involved in an accident – the administration fee (R500) covers the cost of processing the claim including assessor fees, quote gathering and legal services.

What is the administration fee for traffic fines?

If a rider receives a traffic fine whilst renting, R250 will be levied to cover the cost of settling the fine from the riders provided credit card.

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