Frequently Asked Questions Before Your Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Your Rental

How can I rent a motorcycle through GS Africa?

Click here to download the Process To Rent a motorcycle through GS Africa or view the Process To Rent website page

Where can I download the daily rental rate sheet?

Download our latest bike, extras and accessories rental rates. Click here to download…

Does GS Africa offer a discounted rates for more than 1 rider and are the rates cheaper for the longer I rent?

GS Africa offers a sliding scale reduced rates as follows (apart from the fact that groups of 3+ riders receive an immediate 10% discount):


Deduct 15% Discount = 4 – 6 day rental

Deduct 20% Discount = 7 – 19 day rental

Deduct 25% Discount = 20+ day rental

What are the minimum requirements for renting a motorcycle from GS Africa?

1) A valid unendorsed Motorcycle Riders License (translated into English or containing a motorcycle code specifying it is for a motorcycle, alternatively you will require an International Riders Permit (a motorcar license is not acceptable). We accept all EU, American and Australian bike licenses.
2) Passport or Identification Document
3) Minimum age of 21

What is the Booking Procedure?

Once we have submitted your rental invoice, kindly acknowledge invoice with your signature and return to GS Africa as well as completed Terms of Business. A 33,3% deposit of the full rental amount is due and payable upon receipt in order to book and confirm the rental (pencilling in your booking). 60 days prior to the first rental date the remaining balance is due in order to confirm and finalise the booking, turning pencil to ink.

I want to collect my bike in Cape Town and return it in Johannesburg. Is this possible and what is the cost?

Our main branch is in Cape Town, with depots in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Windhoek. Should your collection point be different to your return point as well as not starting/ending at the main branch (Eg. Cape Town to Johannesburg) a Return-To-Depot Transportation fee is applicable. Please find the pricing below

Cape Town to/from Port Elizabeth R2 800
Cape Town to/from Durban R3 200
Cape Town to/from Johannesburg R3 200
Johannesburg to/from Durban R3 000
Cape Town to/from Namibia R7000 (Minimum of 2 bikes)
Johannesburg to/from Namibia R7000 (Minimum of 3 bikes)

I want the bike to be delivered and collected from my hotel/airport. What is the additional fee?

We can deliver/collect your bike from your hotel, however we do not recommend receiving or delivering your bike at the airport as it is a public area and very limited and strict parking regulations, especially if it is your first time in that city. If the collection/delivery fee is within the 50km radius of our branches, the fee is R550,00 per each way and thereafter please enquire with us here. Click here to make an enquiry…

What is the minimum period to rent a bike?

The minimum rental period is 24 hours. For a one day rental there are two options available:
1) You can rent it from 8h30AM – 17h30PM or
2) You can rent from
08h30AM – 08h30AM the next day. Depending on your required collect/drop-off times there will either be an Early Collection fee or Late Delivery fee of R550,00 per bike.

Does GS Africa rent protective rider gear/GPS units and other extras?

Good quality helmets, protective rider gear items are available for rental (reputable suppliers, popular brands as well original BMW rider gear) Your safety is of our utmost concern. Click to download our Pricelist…

Can you customise the bike to my requirements – I have short legs, and need onboard luggage?

We can provide a lowered seat on all the bikes in our fleet. Let us know what your requirements are and we will gladly assist you. Handlebar/clutch and brake reach can be adjusted to your requirements. Aluminium and/or plastic side Panniers and Top boxes are available (weight allowance per unit is maximum of 6kgs or 15 pounds).

I will be riding on soft sand and dirt roads, what different tyres can you fit and what is the cost?

All our bikes are fitted with standard tyres, ex-factory (50/50 road biased tyres). Alternative more aggressive off-road tyres (70/30 or 80/20) are available. The daily Tyre Supplement, specifically fitted with CONTINENTAL TKC 70 or 80/ Metzeler/ Karoo 3 /Karoo Street or similar, is R120 per tyre per day.
Should any single rental fitted with the above tyres exceed 4 000 kilometres, a full set of replacement tyres is due at the end of the rental.

I want to give a motorcycle rental as a gift to a friend. Is it possible?

Yes you can buy vouchers from us – kindly email GS Africa the rental requirements and we will issue the lucky rider’s voucher after full payment has been received.

Are two riders allowed to rent one bike and both allowed to ride the same bike?

As the Rental Agreement is between one rider and GS Africa, our insurance only covers the rider who signs the agreement and pays the insurance deposit.

I’m concerned about my safety and the security of the bike. What does GS Africa offer?

For security reasons:
1) Always lock the steering
2) Park the bike in a well-lit area in dedicated hotel parking with security, preferably close to the hotel reception
3) Don’t leave anything unsecured on the motorcycle. We have various wheel locks available for your use.
4) All our bikes are available with satellite recovery tracking devices, installed onboard. The built-in Rider Down Accident Alert will be activated in the unlikely event of a collision. This service offers an Accident and Emergency Assistance Plan which includes the ER 24 Emergency Medical Rescue (access to dedicated staff who will make arrangements for transportation, advice and care). Your family, friends and fellow riders can be assured of your safety at all times by logging on to the internet mobile platform we provide. We provide a complementary easy-to-use Puncture Repair Kit with each rental.

Can my luggage be stored whilst on my ride?

We have an on-site complimentary luggage storage facility in Cape Town for your spare luggage whilst you are on tour. However, we can make arrangements to courier your excess “flight” luggage to your final destination.

Am I allowed to take my bike outside the borders of South Africa?

Travel is allowed in the following countries:
Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia. The rider must inform GS Africa about his anticipated routing beforehand as legal Border Exit Documentation needs to be prepared accordingly. The cost is R750,00 per pack, per border, per bike. Kindly note that an additional insurance excess deposit for travelling beyond South Africa’s borders is applicable (double Insurance Excess Deposit).

What are the payment options available?

You have a choice of three payment options:
1) Credit card payment via online bank link – The automated banking system sends a link to your email address from, requesting payment of the rental amount due. Kindly open the link and add your credit card details in order to authorise the payment. Please notify us if you choose this option in order to forward the link. (kindly note expiry time frame)
2) Electronic bank wire transfer to GS Africa’s bank account (details are on your invoice). Please forward Proof of Payment details once the transaction has been processed.
3) PayPal – Our email address is Kindly send through Proof of Payment after the successful transaction.
Kindly note that GS Africa is free of all bank charges and that credit card fees between Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners Club differ from client to client.

What Insurance Options are available?

The daily rental fee includes standard comprehensive insurance cover of the motorcycle with an Insurance Excess Deposit payable for each model. Luggage and GPS units, as well as all other accessories hired, will attract an additional deposit and is not covered as part of the above insurance cover. Insurance Deposit values will be shown on your invoice and our price list.
Explanation of our Insurance deposit: If the bike is lost, stolen or written off, the Insurance Excess Deposit will cover the replacement of the bike, or if the damage to the bike (due to an accident) is in excess of (amount is more than) the Insurance Excess Deposit. The Insurance Excess Deposit is the maximum amount the Insurance company claims to the limit of the extent of the damage. Any repairs or damage to the bike which is less than the Insurance Excess Deposit is the riders responsibility, due and payable by the rider. Any damage to the bikes which is LESS THAN the Insurance Deposit Amount (different Insurance amounts for different bike models), will be for the riders account. Any damage to the bike which is ABOVE their Insurance Deposit amount, is for the Insurer to pay.

Are there any conditions excluded from the Insurance Excess Deposit?

The rider will be fully liable for any damage to the rented motorcycle and/or 3rd party vehicle under the following conditions:
• Wilful damage caused as a result of negligence – including but not limited to:
• Damaging the clutch/gearbox due to incorrect use of thereof
• Seizing of an engine due to over-revving, low oil levels or incorrect addition of oils/fluids
• Driving on restricted roads/areas e.g. sand dunes
• Driving under the influence of alcohol or banned substance
• Any evidence of water submersion damage

What happens if I fail to cancel my booking before the reserved rental date?

In the event of you not cancelling your booking before the reserved rental date and time as indicated on your booking/failing to collect your motorcycle on said date, a non-cancellation fee will apply. Cancellation less than 10 days before the first rental date validates a NO REFUND.

What is GS Africa’s Booking and Cancellation Policy?

A booking deposit of 33,3% of the TOTAL Rental Invoice is required on confirming your booking, the remaining balance is due & payable 60 days prior to the 1st rental day.

• Minimum cancellation fee 33,3%

Non-refundable as follows:

Days before Booking % To Pay
60 and more days 33,3%
59 > 31 66,66%
30 > 9 66,66%
10 and less days 100%

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