6 reasons why GS Africa is South Africa’s leader in BMW Motorcycle Rentals

Looking to do something you’ve never done before, with friends or with your significant other? Then why not do something that millions of people all over the world can only dream about, and drive through South Africa or Africa on a BMW Motorcycle from GS Africa. Nowadays, there are many riders that choose to rent motorcycles rather than to buy, and whether it’s because they always want to keep up with the latest state-of-the-art models, they want to preserve capital, they want flexibility in case their needs change, or they only plan to use their motorcycles for short periods of time – motorcycle rentals at GS Africa just makes better financial sense. If this sounds like something you’ve always wanted to do, but not sure who to do it with, then here’s why you should partner with GS Africa.

#1 Brilliant Customer Service

Efficiency and speed! That is exactly what we promise our clients at GS Africa. As a family run business, our approach to business over the past decade has been to strive for professional perfection, providing our valued clients with unforgettable riding experiences. Above and beyond ensuring that our clients can rely on our extensive support networking, we are continually looking to streamline the rental process to make it more seamless for our valued clients. Making the entire process simple and personal, we exist to deliver our products and services well beyond our promises – after all, that’s our word.

#2 Logistics

When you rent a BMW Motorcycle from us, you will never have to concern yourself with the logistics. From assisting you with picking up the bikes in Johannesburg and returning them in Cape Town or vice versa, managing all the bookings, arranging shuttle services to and from the airport, arranging all routes as well as overnight stays in some of the best accommodation types to changing itineraries if and when required, even if it’s at last minutes notice. And if that’s not enough, we also take great pride in our easy payment options and swift repayment of deposits.

#3 Pristine Condition Motorcycles

At GSA Africa, not only do we deal ONLY with world-class brands, but we also have absolute confidence in our motorcycles. Built on the philosophy of building lifetime partnerships with our customers, and paired with our approach of “Rental Supplier of Choice”, we are the only rental company in South Africa that sends all our motorcycles for repairs, maintenance and servicing to authorised BMW dealerships only. We do this in order to ensure that every motorcycle collected prior to a rental is in pristine condition and in perfect running order as it is expected of a premier product like BMW.

#4 Safety

Safety and security of our valued clients are of paramount importance to us and have over the past decade never compromised this vital component of every rental we have. Beyond riding motorcycles that are less than 2 years old, all our motorcycle adventure packages come with 24-hour turnaround On Call Road Side Assistance, Satellite Recovery and Medical Roadside Assistance, ER 24 Emergency Medical Assistance Alert, Pin Point Rider Down Accident Alert, Complimentary Tyre Repair Puncture Kit, and Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Cover.

#5 We Are Situated Throughout South Africa

As one of the fastest-growing outdoor adventures in South Africa and the globe, we offer our valued clients a wide variety of optional delivery and collection points for our motorcycles, in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Johannesburg and Windhoek.

#6 Tours and Destinations

If you’re looking to truly uncover the heart, soul and spirit of Africa, you can expect to do so with one of our motorcycle tours. The continent of Africa never fails in gifting tourists with experiences they’ve always dreamed about, especially on two wheels. With many years in the industry, we carefully design each and every tour with great care. Our in-depth knowledge of South Africa, Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique make our tours safe, exciting and affordable. Advising on all things local, booking all the accommodation and activities en-route, and of course, supplying the right bikes for the right roads, we’ll lead you down secret paths – into the beautiful bush under the big wide open African skies.

With a reputation for speed, efficiency, reliability, safety, exceptional quality, and lowest cost of rental – it’s fair to say that we are leading the way as the South African leader in BMW Motorcycle Rentals.