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Charley Boorman is Back in Africa

Destination to destination is as good as it gets for some riders. However, for those who thirst for exploration and adventure, few activities offer the feeling of freedom and speed than a long trip on an adventure motorcycle. There’s no doubt that adventure motorcycling has grown massively in the last decade. In fact, this could […]

How to Rent a Motorcycle in the Most Beautiful City in the World with GS Africa

It’s that time of the year again, a time all about sunshine and blue skies. Yes, summer in South Africa provides one with a true African experience, with its dynamic and diverse cultures, breath-taking scenery, and wildlife like no other. And although South Africa and beyond makes for pleasant and exciting adventure motorcycling all year […]

Make a Booking with GS Africa Rentals & Tours

The Southern tip of Africa is one of the most beautiful, exhilarating spots on the planet. The back of the bike is the best place to see – well, pretty much anything. Nothing beats the thrill of the open road, the wind buffeting you as you connect with the elements at high speed, sitting on […]

Cape Town to Inhambane on the BMW G 310 GS

This could be one of the most extraordinary trips to take place now and in the world with the newborn “BMW G 310 GS”! In the “light” of the older sister who has already done several laps to Earth, this “little GS” wants to prove that the bikes also “do not measure up to the […]

Cape 2 Kyalami: 5 Day Bike Tour

5 Day Bike Tour with Continental Tyres & Look What You’re Missing. Supporting partners: GS Africa Rentals and Tours, South African Airlines, Skaris Tours Duration: Tuesday 23 May – Saturday 27 May 2017 Cost: R9800 incl VAT per rider on own bike Pillion or seat in the support vehicle: R8500 incl VAT WHAT YOU GET […]

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