GS Africa Motorcycle Rental Checklist

GS Africa Rentals and Tours Official Motorcycle Rental Checklist

Looking to venture off the beaten track and explore the “Real Africa” by motorcycle?
It’s no secret that South Africa and Africa are the most beautiful places to ride a motorcycle in the world, but it can also be dangerous – and with so many motorcycle rentals scattered throughout South Africa, how does one choose the right one for their ride? As a professional or novice who only wants the best and safest ride, we sift the elite out from the standard with our motorcycle rental checklist.

• Knowledgeable Advice – if you’re someone new to South Africa and Africa, you’re going to need to know all about its local customs and conditions. Travelling through and into the great wild can be both exciting and intimidating, so make sure the rental company you choose can offer you insight into each area, what to expect from the people, and what conditions you’re up against. At GS Africa, we’re passionate in sharing our love for South Africa and beyond, and have an intimate knowledge of Africa’s hidden gems, the culture of its people, its secret majestic paths that lead you into the beautiful bush, and we also have a wide directory of the best places to eat and stay. With our extensive local knowledge and flavour, our motorcycle destination adventure packages can take you, your friends or your business partners over vast plains under jaw-dropping big open African skies, comfortably and safely.

• Latest Model Bikes – one of the greatest ways to explore any country or continent is on two wheels, but to ensure a first-class ride you need to make sure you are able to rent the latest low mileage model motorcycles. At GS Africa, not only do we deal ONLY with world-class brands, but we also have absolute confidence in our pristine condition motorcycles. Built on the philosophy of building lifetime partnerships with our customers, and paired with our approach of “Rental Supplier of Choice”, we offer an assortment of luxury BMW Motorcycles, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and Yamaha Scooters.

• Roadside Assistance – what about mechanical faults and breakdowns? Unfortunately, this can happen, and if this should occur, riders need to ensure that their rental company has a 24hr Roadside and ER 24hr Emergency Assistance plan in place. At GS Africa, not only are we the only rental company in South Africa that sends all our motorcycles for repairs, maintenance and servicing to authorised BMW dealerships ONLY, but beyond riding motorcycles that are less than 2 years old, all our Motorcycle Adventure Packages come with 24-hour turnaround On Call Road Side Assistance and ER 24hr Emergency Medical Assistance Alert. Should riders need roadside assistance, they will need to call GS Africa on +27 (0) 82 904 8228 or +27 (0) 71 515 3808 and we will immediately contact the nearest BMW 24 hour On-Call Roadside Assistance service (available in South Africa only).

• Rider Gear – you cannot put a price on your life, and the motorcycle gear you wear should provide you with protection from the wind, debris, flying bugs and road rash. At GS Africa, we furnish all our riders with BMW premium quality motorcycle jackets with shoulder, arm and back protectors, BMW motorcycle trousers with protective inserts, BMW motorbike boots and gloves, BMW full-face motorcycle helmets, and BMW waterproofs at an extra cost.

• Guided Tours – tours are a huge part of biking throughout South Africa and Africa and are usually arranged for all riders and groups. At GS Africa, our motorcycle touring services include guided motorcycle tours, self-guided motorcycle tours, motorcycle rentals, and extended tours that take you along vast coastlines throughout South Africa, and to Namibia, Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique.

• 24/7 Support – when you partner with a motorcycle rental company you should be partnering with 24/7 support. As a family run business, our approach to business over the past decade has been to strive for professional perfection, providing our valued clients with unforgettable riding experiences. Making the entire process simple and personal, when you rent a motorcycle from GS Africa you will never have to concern yourself with the logistics. From assisting you with picking up bikes, managing all the bookings, arranging shuttle services to and from the airport, arranging all routes as well as overnight stays in some of the best accommodation types to changing itineraries if and when required – we deliver 24/7 support well beyond our promises.

• Rider Down – safety and security of our valued customers are of paramount importance to us, and in the unlikely event of a breakdown or accident, our breakdown service will take you and the bike to the next garage. At GS Africa, all our motorcycle rentals come with 24-hour turnaround On Call Road Side Assistance, Satellite Medical Rescue Trackers and Recovery, Medical Roadside Assistance, ER 24hr Emergency Medical Assistance Alert, and PinPoint Rider Down Accident Alert.

• Crashbar Protection – safety is paramount in motorcycling, and for that reason, all our motorcycles are maintained at an authorized BMW dealer. Adhering to the highest maintenance standards set out by the manufacturer, we do not shy away from the costs to keep all our motorcycles permanently in tiptop condition, which includes fitting them out with the highest quality crashbars.

• Third Party Liability Insurance – no matter how experienced or careful you are as a rider, it only takes a second to make a mistake, and if you’re held responsible for a serious motorcycle accident you could be left facing repair costs for the damage caused to other vehicles, buildings and property – and the bill could leave you in serious strife. At GS Africa, we strongly recommend that you take out the maximum insurance coverage to ensure peace of mind when you are on the road, which is why we provide third-party liability insurance. Covering your legal liability, our third-party motorcycle insurance covers the costs of any damage caused to the property of a third party and the cost of any resulting medical bills that are caused by or arising out of the use of the motorcycle.