GS Africa Motorcycle Rentals & Tours on Tripadvisor

GS Africa Rentals and Tours on Tripadvisor

If you are in any doubt about renting a motorcycle in South Africa, check out our reviews on Tripadvisor.

Here is a review from Kim in Florida, USA

I found GS Africa on the net and couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. Candi was great to work with setting up the rental, had everything sorted when I arrived and made the process so easy. Of course I rode of without my wallet but no worries, they chased me down and brought it to me!

I had scheduled a two day rental and when I pulled into the hotel after a long day one the check engine light came on. I called, not wanting to cause any damage to a really nice 800. Paul answered, after business hours, and we discussed the problem. He indicated it was probably just a warning and said it would probably reset itself after being turned off. That is exactly what happened and i enjoyed the next day without incident. Thanks Paul for the great service.

The countryside was amazing and the ride was wonderful, what a great way to see the
area. Some reviews question the final inspection and the cost of repairs. I found Paul and his team to be very clear on any damage that was evident on the bike prior to my use and certainly not looking to charge users with non-existent damage. I recommend the folks at GS Africa for your Africa riding adventure, enjoy their great service!


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